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UNIC University, in accordance to its name, aims to offer to its students through regional and continental collaborations the experience of being an international citizen educated from an international perspectives.

UNIC University offers academic high quality academic programs directly or through our sister university, Universidad Maharishi para Latino América y el Caribe (UMLAC)

A Caribbean Academic Hub

At UNIC University, students experience:

  1. An international faculty proceeding from different countries in different continents
  2. Local professors with international experience
  3. Interaction with an international student body
  4. Mandatory study abroad programs
  5. International accredited programs
  6. No language barriers
  7. A multi-cultural local environment

Curaçao historically has been a strongly internationalized society with 65 different nationalities that have established themselves on the island to pursue a better living that has been offered by an internationally oriented economy mainly in the areas of oil refinery, logistics, international financial service, and tourism.


UNIC University aims to be a Caribbean Academic Hub


In order to achieve its Vision, UNIC University aims to educate competent global leaders who can interact as leaders in complex international, cross- cultural environments.

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The Initiative

The initiative to establish a university for Latin America & the Caribbean, based on Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s knowledge of consciousness, originates from Raja Luis Alvarez, the Chief Administrator for Latin America & the Caribbean of the Global Country of World Peace.

The Global Country of World Peace, founded by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, offers a proven, practical approach to world peace and national invincibility, based on a strong, coherent and unified national consciousness that can be practically achieved through the Consciousness-Based programs. Inspired by this possibility to raise every country to the level of freedom from problems and negativity coming from within or from outside the country, Raja Luis, supported by the Directors for Latin America & the Caribbean of the Global Country of World Peace, has inspired the founding of UMLAC as the university to offer Consciousness-Based Education for our region, according to its cultural, social, and economic circumstances.

Vision and Founding Goal

The goal of UMLAC is: To promote for all the people of the Caribbean and Latin America Consciousness Based universities, with the goal of awakening in every student the full potential of creativity, intelligence, and happiness for an increasingly problem-free, progressive and fulfilling life that brings all good to oneself, one’s surroundings, and to society as a whole.


  1. To offer the four basic components of Consciousness-Based universities, as founded by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi
  2. To establish facilities in diverse countries in the Caribbean and Latin America.
  3. To collaborate with allied institutions in The Netherlands, USA, and the Caribbean and Latin America.
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